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A rally win and good asphalt set-ups for Kimi

Fonte: Turun Sanomat/Dica: Julia/Tradução para o Inglês: Dracaena | Octeto

A rally win and good asphalt set-ups for Kimi

Räikkönen secured the first podium finish of his rally career in June
in Italy’s Rally Lanterna where he was second after his team mate
Sebastien Ogier.

In August Räikkönen won his first WRC level special stage in Germany.

the weekend Räikkönen won a rally for the first time in his career when
he took first place in the Rally Vosgien of the French series with a
three minute 21 second difference to Quentin Gilbert.

It was a one-day rally and Räikkönen won all six special stages with his Citroen C4 WRC car.

was good training for Rally France. I’ve been told that the roads here
are quite similar to the ones in the next WRC rally. It was nice to get
a feel to the asphalt, Räikkönen thanked.

it’s rhythm the rally with it’s service breaks was equivalent to the
WRC program. Räikkönen and Lindström were especailly pleased with the
set-ups. First they went to the wrong direction with the set-ups but
going back to the old ones and making them better gave Kimi a good
feeling for the car.

The race was a complete test for Rally France since the Citroen Junior Team has already spent all it’s 15 testing days. Turun Sanomat, Strasbourg

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Is Raikkonen at Renault realistic?

Fonte: | Octeto

This time last year, Kimi Raikkonen
was on poor form. Apart from a notable (and perhaps slightly
opportunistic) victory at Spa, Ferrari hadn’t been able to provide the
2007 World Champion with competitive equipment. He eventually finished
6th in the standings, his motivation and enthusiasm for the sport at an
all time low. Little did he know that in just a few months he would
have embarked on a second career in the World Rally Championship, and
proven himself surprisingly good at it.

late 2009, it was clear Kimi was getting restless. Just a few months
before, during F1’s summer break, he took a trip out to his home
country, Finland, and tried rallying seriously. He was quick. He
crashed. No surprise there, the debutante was more used to high speed,
single seater precision than grabbing a glorified road car by the neck
and dragging it across all surfaces. Nevertheless, something about it
the experience caused the Finn to start looking at rallying as more
than just a hobby.

few months later, Ferrari surprised nobody by revealing that they had
signed Fernando Alonso for 2010, giving Raikkonen the boot. Kimi looked
around – a return to McLaren, where he spent five successful years,
looked very much on the cards. But Raikkonen was high maintenance and
high cost, and the Scuderia paid the Finn a staggering $20m to simply
stay out of the paddock for a season. Rallying was now a real option,
and when Citroen’s junior team offered him a berth for a year, he leapt
at the chance.

first couple of rallies were poor. A lowly 29th in Sweden and a DNF in
Mexico. But then, just as it looked like he’d made a catastrophic
career decision, he pulled out a very respectable 8th place in Jordan.
His unique personality allowed him to perform well under pressure, and
we’ve seen it a lot in Formula 1. His laid-back attitude and his
no-nonsense ‘get on with it’ driving style took him to the championship
in 2007 while Hamilton and Alonso squabbled amongst themselves.

bred success. A week later he took 5th place in Turkey. "Raikkonen" was
now appearing higher up the timesheets, alongside the likes of
established aces such as Hirvonen, Sordo and Wilson. After missing the
New Zealand rally he saw a few more respectable finishes, troubling the
top ten in Portugal and Bulgaria. It was Germany in midsummer that we
saw his real potential – Raikkonen took his first stage win and with it
gained the respect of the whole rally community. A one year rallying
adventure was set to become a whole new life for the mercurial Finn.

2010. By the time the Formula One community rolled up in the cloudy
Ardennes forest, Kimi’s final victory a year previously was little more
than a distant and irrelevant memory. Nobody was really speculating
about a Formula One return for the man who dominated the Belgian
circuit, not least because a majority of the top places look to be
settled for next season, the driver market inactive after last year’s
musical chairs frenzy.

then, just last week, the Raikkonen story returned. The resurgent
Renault team are on the lookout for a more suitable second driver after
Russia’s Vitaly Petrov proves fast, but with a wild debut season so
far. Team boss Eric Boullier dropped the bombshell and announced that
Raikkonen, who for months professed no desire to return to the sport he
once reigned over, had directly contacted him with a view to a 2011
seat. The Finn’s manager, Steve Robertson, confirmed the approach. A
decision is expected relatively soon, with Petrov’s performances under
scrutiny, yet his commercial appeal keeping him firmly in the cockpit.

will be said over the next few months. Much of what we see in the press
will be nothing more than negotiation tactics and clever PR. But
there’s a chance, a tiny chance, that Kimi Raikkonen may return to the
sport where he made his name – and he’ll have fans. A lot of people
miss his cool, laid-back attitude and desire to get out there and race
– maybe even his wildchild partying ways which are so rare amongst
professional sportsmen. But there’s no doubt that the Flying Finn is an
extraordinary talent, and Formula One would be much richer for his

Stranger things have happened. Just ask Michael Schumacher.

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Comentários de Kimi sobre a vitória no Rallye Vosgien

Fonte: We Love Kimi | Tradução Carol

Kimi Raikkonen: "Esta
foi uma boa preparação para o Rali da França. Me disseram que a estrada
neste evento foi bastante parecida com o que veremos na próxima rodada
do WRC, então eu estou feliz. É também muitoherth bom voltar a dirigir no
asfalto – que é muito útil também."

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Raikkonen wins French national rally

Fonte: | By David Evans
Sunday, September 19th 2010

Kimi RaikkonenRed Bull driver Kimi Raikkonen has won his first ever rally – the Rallye Vosgien which started and finished yesterday.

The Finn was driving his usual Citroen C4 WRC and was unbeaten on all
six stages on the national-level French event, which ran in the
Strasbourg area close to where the next round of the World Rally
Championship, the Rally of France, will be based.

The event, which took Raikkoen a shade under an hour to complete,
consisted of two stages run in three loops – and Raikkonen won by more
than three minutes from Quentin Gilbert in a Renault Clio Maxi.

"This was a good preparation for the Rally of France," said
Raikkonen. "From what I am told, the roads on this event were fairly
representative of what we will see on the next WRC round, so I am happy.
It’s also good to get back into driving the car on asphalt – that’s
very useful as well."

The Citroen Junior Team is unable to test ahead of the
Strasbourg-based WRC having used or pre-assigned all of its 15 test
days. Competing on the Rallye Vosgien was the next best thing to a test
for Raikkonen and co-driver Kaj Lindtsrom.

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Rallye Vosgien – Fotos e Video

Fonte: We Love Kimi

Há alguns dias eu postei aqui sobre um Rally que o Kimi iria disputar esse fim de semana.
Pois bem, foi o Rallye Vosgien e… Kimi venceu o/ uhuuuuu #tilindo

 Segue abaixo algumas fotos e um video do Rally.

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Lopez diz que abordagem de Kimi não muda planos


Dirigente da Renault explica que Petrov é bom piloto e importante para o time

Apesar da recente aproximação feita por Kimi Raikkonen, Gerard Lopez,
acionista majoritário do time Renault na F-1, afirmou que outros fatores
serão levados em conta para a escolha do companheiro de equipe de
Robert Kubica em 2011.

Segundo o
dirigente, os aspectos comerciais, como os patrocinadores trazidos pelo
russo Vitaly Petrov, também são importantes para equilibrar as finanças
do time, e foi irônico ao comentar o interesse de Raikkonen.

"É engraçado que as pessoas agora pensem que as coisas vão bem e nós
vamos mudar os pilotos. Tem um certo piloto de rali que não estava
interessado na F-1, mas agora fez contato e está interessado em voltar à
F-1, curiosamente conosco, mas nós não estamos lá ainda", afirmou em
entrevista para o site da revista inglesa "Autosport".

Lopez ainda esclareceu que Petrov foi importante para o time ajudando na
conquista de parceiros comerciais. "Não é que Vitaly seja um piloto que
paga, pois ele não é, mas com certeza os patrocinadores que ele trouxe
ou que vieram, que é a Lada, têm sido bons patrocinadores. Mas Vitaly
não está trazendo este tipo de dinheiro que as pessoas estão dizendo."

"E ele é um bom piloto. Vitaly foi o segundo da GP2 no ano passado e
poderia facilmente ter vencido o campeonato se não tivesse seis quebras.
Além disso, ele é um piloto que tem 250 milhões de pessoas que falam
russo que torcem por ele, então nós seríamos estúpidos se não
assumíssemos que existe um negócio por de trás disso. Mas nós temos que
construir o piloto. Ele é um elemento muito importante para nós, assim
como Robert [Kubica]", continuou.

Eu realmente preciso ter muita paciência com certos tipos de pessoas…
Minha vontade agora depois de ler esse texto é de arrancar a cabeça do Sr. Gerard Lopez, "Um certo piloto de rali…"
essa arrogância toda com que ele se referiu ao Kimi, cara mais idiota. Deve achar que a equipe dele é grande coisa, vale lembrar
que a Renault foi quem procurou o Kimi primeiro.

Só digo uma coisa: Sr. Gerard Lopez, sua equipezinha de quinta e seus pilotos, que se explodam…

Bjus, Ana Lú ☺

Kimi Raikkonen com a Monster Ford ou a MINI no WRC em 2011?


Kimi Raikkonen com a Monster Ford ou a MINI no WRC em 2011? -

De acordo com o Autosport inglês Kimi Raikkonen poderá permanecer no
WRC no próximo ano, mas em qualquer das Marcas atualmente na competição,
Citroen ou Ford, tendo mesmo, segundo a mesma fronte, recebido uma
oferta para correr com a MÍNI no WRC, e outra para se mudar para a
Monster Ford: "Devo ficar nos ralis mas não sei com que carro ou equipa.
Acho que os novos Citroen e Ford serão muito equilibrados. Vamos ver o
que acontece!", referiu ao Autosport inglês. No entanto, o manager do
finlandês tem várias vias abertas, já que está a falar também com a
Renault na F1.

Eu sinceramente estou torcendo muito pela permanência do Kimi no WRC!!!

Bjus, Ana Lú ☺